Who We Are

The Gap Foundation is a Hong Kong-based registered charity (#716161). 

We were established in May 2000 to fund and manage projects that improve and nurture the lives of children and youth living in conditions of need, hardship and distress.

It is our desire to "stand in the gap" for disadvantaged children and youth in Asia and the rest of the world - the gap in basic provisions, opportunities and privileges that prevent children and youth from living full lives.

Children planting their own trees

Our Work

The Gap Foundation manages a home for orphaned and abandoned children in Liaoning Province, China.  Click here to learn more about our GAP Fengcheng Children's Home and to find out where it is located.

Our Values

The work that The Gap Foundation manages and supports is:

1) Child-focused - meaning it places the importance on what is best for the child and involves the child in the decision-making process.

2) Based on the rights of the child as given in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC). In brief, the CRC recognises a child's rights to survival, protection, development and participation. (Click here learn more about the UN CRC).

Playing a game in the backyard

3) Family-oriented - meaning that we try to create a family-environment for the children living in our home where, as much as possible, they are able to have a normal life. 

Playing video games together

Picnic in the garden using home-grown vegetables

4) Independent-living - In order to eventually be able to integrate  into society, we believe strongly in helping the children to live independent lives. 

Learning to make homemade strawberry jam

Helping build a new house for the family dog

If you would like to find out more about our work and How You Can Get Involved, please click here